Why BluTech Lenses?

BluTech Lenses have a special blue-blocking technology that helps limit the number of blue rays that enter your eyes. Because too much blue light is harmful to our bodies, it’s essential that we limit exposure.

How are BluTech Lenses different?

BluTech lenses don’t simply filter blue light, but it blocks blue light and filters out some green, yellow and red portions of the color spectrum. Traditional blue blocking lenses distort color vision, but the science behind BluTech Lenses allows the ideal combination of ocular lens pigment and melanin. This provides a crisp, comfortable viewing experience that doesn’t distort colors.

Don’t yellow dies work as effectively?

No. Yellow dyes can help block blue light, but they are also responsible for altering vision, which makes them extremely uncomfortable to wear. BluTech Lenses has developed a lens that does not affect color perception and provides the correct amount of light filtration for maximum protection. For example, if you take the Farnsworth Munsell 100 Hue color test, you will perform equally well if wearing BluTech lenses than if not wearing any glasses. This where yellow dye lenses fail.

When do you wear BluTech Lenses?

BluTech offers lenses that are available for both indoor and outdoor use. The outdoor lenses provide an extra layer of protection, as they are polarized.

Neuroscientists believe they have discovered innovative light-sensitive cells that are in our eyes. These cells detect light and are separate from the cells we use for vision. They also contain melanopsin, a photopigment that is sensitive to blue light. Scientists hypothesize that these mechanisms help to regulate our bodies sense of day and night. Exposure to blue light in the evening hours and at night suppresses melatonin, which is a sleep hormone. This makes it difficult for us to fall asleep. BluTech Lenses can be worn throughout the day to help prevent eye strain, but they are especially valuable at night for people that are in front of electronic devices, such as Smartphones, tablets, computer, gaming equipment and televisions.

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