What are BluTech Lenses?

Maybe you’ve heard about harmful blue light rays and the significant danger they can pose to your eyes and sleep cycles. BluTech Lenses wants to give you some additional information about who we are and who are lenses can help benefit.

BluTech Lenses are for people of all ages – children, teens and adults. They’re designed for anyone that regularly uses electronic devices, such as Smartphones, computers, flat-screen TVs and tablets, for several hours a day. Designed to help reduce eye strain, fatigue and discomfort, BluTech Lenses offer protection from harmful ultraviolet and blue lights, help to increase depth perception and enhance contrast. They can even help to improve night vision.

BluTech Lenses are designed to mimic the natural lens’ yellow and brown pigments, filtering the high energy ultraviolet and blue wavelengths.

The indoor lens is designed to protect while comforting the eyes from the types of light found in electronic devices and fluorescent lights – hence blue light. The outdoor lens is to help filter blue light and UV lights while outside.

Many eye professionals now carry BluTech Lenses. With technology surrounding us, it’s important that the medical field offer options to help keep our eyes safe and comfortable. While outdoor blue light – in controlled amounts – is considered “natural,” there is nothing natural about the artificial blue light emitted from electronic devices. Additionally, eye doctors can recommend BluTech Lenses for patients that have difficulty driving at night. They help to reduce the glare in headlights, making it easier for people to make quick driving adjustments and assessments.

Most people that wear BluTech Lenses report that it takes a couple of hours for their eyes to adjust when they begin wearing their new glasses initially. After the first day, they don’t pay attention to the warming tint. Wearers also say that BluTech Lenses make it easier for them to read screens and the brightness of the screen doesn’t affect them.

Additionally, BluTech Lenses are also recommended for post-op cataract patients to help with the brightness and glare they experience after surgery.


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