Tips To Avoid Eye Strain

Almost everyone has experienced eye strain at some point, whether or not they realize it. It can happen from staring at your textbook for too long when studying for an exam, or from a long road trip of hours of your eyes focused on the road ahead. 

Eye Strain has become more common than ever before thanks to our digital era. Thanks to widespread use of computers, tablets, and cell phones, eye strain caused by digital devices has become a common health problem. It is said that 87 percent of Americans use a digital device more than 2 hours a day. For people who work on a computer 8 hours a day, the risk of experiencing eye strain goes up. 

What does eye strain feel like? 

Eye strain symptoms include headaches, miragines, neck and shoulder pain, blurred vision, watering eyes, dry eyes, and eye twitching. Eye strain can make it difficult to relax and can make you feel even more stressed and tired. 

How can you avoid eye strain? 

Use the 20-20-20 rule

Since the number one cause of eye strain is from staring at a screen or focusing on something for too long, it is recommended that you take breaks to combat eye strain. Eye doctors recommend that every 20 minutes, you stop looking at your screen, and look at something 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds. They call this the 20-20-20 rule. 

Adjust your screen positioning 

You want to make sure your screen is at eye level and not too close to your face. If you work on a laptop, consider raising the screen or getting a monitor for extended use. If you have trouble reading screens at an arm’s distance away, it is suggested that you increase your font size. You never want to be looking down at a device for too long because this adds to the neck and shoulder pain associated with eye strain. 

Use Blue Light Blocking Glasses 

Using blue light blocking lenses are recommended for anyone using digital devices for extended periods of time. LEDs emit blue light, and although it isn’t all harmful, it can cause eye strain and sleep issues. Check out BlueTech’s selection of blue light lenses and consider investing in a pair to keep at your desk or bed side. 

Use Eye Drops 

If you find your eyes watering constantly or feeling dry, eye drops will help. If your eyes are watery, it is often a response to being tired and overused. If you find your eyes feeling dry and irritated, this is often because we blink less when starting or focusing which causes our eyes to dry out. Using eye drops can help ease both of these symptoms. 

Overall eye strain can be an uncomfortable thing to experience, and overtime can lead to other eye problems so it is best to try to combat symptoms and reduce it. 

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