Tips for Teachers Shifting to Teaching Online

While many schools have begun to reopen with students entering the classroom once again, other institutions are transitioning to remote learning. From elementary schools to universities, many instructors are having to find new ways to teach and support their students from a distance through digital courses and online lectures. For teachers feeling overwhelmed at the task of digital instruction, here are some helpful tips for your best school year yet. 

Find a Platform That Works for You

Finding a digital platform where your students can easily find all their tasks is the first step to keeping your course organized. From school-provided systems like eCampus or Google Classroom to Dropbox and G Suite, there is a platform out there to meet every teacher’s needs. By choosing only one platform that is organized and easy to navigate, your students will be able to find assignments without any confusion and get a handle on remote learning. 

Write Concise Instructions

It can be difficult to get students engaged in educational content online. In addition to this, the lack of guidance and face-to-face explanation that comes with remote learning can often lead to confusion. To avoid this, your assignments must come with simple instructions that are clear and concise. Avoid lengthy paragraphs that students would be likely to skim and miss significant information. 

Keep Your Eyes Refreshed 

Working online means more exposure to blue light emitted from digital devices. From migraine and eye strain to fatigue and a disrupted sleep cycle, blue light can cause side effects for anyone working behind a screen. A pro tip for teachers to keep their eyes protected and feeling fresh is to wear a pair of blue-light-blocking glasses. BluTech provides blue light protection for teachers so that you can tackle assignments daily and feel your best. 

Engage With Your Students

There are many perks to remote learning, but the lack of human connection is not one of them. Teachers shifting to online classes will surely miss interacting with their students and being able to support them with face-to-face conversations. However, you can still inspire your students and make them feel special through emails, video messages, comments on assignments, and even phone calls. By providing your students with feedback or just an encouraging message, they will feel supported and cared for in their online classes.

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