Tips for Sleeping Well

Did you know that consumption could be wreaking havoc on your sleep cycle? It’s not just what you eat, but it’s also what you intake, which includes supplements and even technology.

Here are some great tips to help even out your sleep cycle and wake well-rested.

  • Skip Chocolate for Dessert – Cocoa contains caffeine, which perks you up. Whether it’s brownies, cookies, ice cream or candy, that sweet chocolate could be costing you precious hours of sleep. If you want to indulge in something sweet, opt for yogurt, which is high in muscle-relaxing magnesium and top it with some delicious fresh cherries, which are high in melatonin.
  • Pass on Alcohol – While a nightcap might make you sleepy, it also causes interrupted sleep because it causes you to wake up frequently through the night. To help promote a more restorative, restful sleep, avoid alcohol within two hours of bedtime.
  • Dental Hygiene – Dental hygiene is important, and while peppermint toothpaste may make you feel refreshed in the morning, avoid it at night. Peppermint helps to keep us alert, which is why it’s great before meetings or a test. Opt for something natural with fennel to make your teeth feel clean while keeping your nerves calm before bedtime.
  • Medication – Some daytime cold and cough remedies are packed with caffeine, as are some over-the-counter migraine medications. Opt for pain relievers that do not have caffeine or stimulants.

Decrease Technology Use – While certain technology, such as Apple’s Night Shift is designed to reduce melatonin suppression, studies show that simply changing the color of a screen does not eliminate the impact this has on the body’s melatonin levels. Similar to alcohol, it’s best to avoid screen time at least one to two hours before you go to bed. If you can’t avoid technology before bedtime, it’s best to use blue light reducing glasses to help minimize the impact artificial light has on your sleep cycle.

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