Tips for Comfort While Working from Home

Whether you are new to working from home or you have been doing it for years, your work setup is really important. 

To amplify productivity, without hurting yourself, there are a few absolute essentials to know.


This is the science of designing and arranging an environment so that people can interact most efficiently and safely. 

The position of the body related to the workstation has been shown to greatly impact productivity. If you are uncomfortable in the chair you are using, it will be harder to maintain focus and concentration. 

Also consider the position of your arms and wrists as you type. Your arms should be at a 90 degree angle to your keyboard and your screen should be at or slightly above eye level. Remember to take frequent breaks and stretch out your back, neck, arms, wrists and legs.

Display Screen

When you work from home, it is very tempting to adjust your computer screen based on what is going on around you. It is always recommended that the brightness display is not such that your eyes are strained, yet bright enough that you can easily see the details on the screen. 

The lighting in the room should be bright enough that you do not need to squint or move closer to see, yet not so bright that a glare exists on the screen. Oftentimes overhead lighting can be turned off in favor of lamps and movable lighting, depending on the type of task and time of day that you are working.

Always be sure to utilize blue light blocking lenses for prolonged periods of time using displays. Digital devices are often required for work from home set ups. Ensure your safety by wearing your blue light blocking lenses each time you are exposed to LED lighting and digital displays.

Take Care of Your Body

Be sure to take regular breaks. 

Get up, stretch, walk around, and look at things that are more than 20 feet away. Give your eyes intentional rest and focus on things far away. This will give your eye muscles a break and help to prevent digital eye strain.

Try not to forget to eat and drink water too! These are often the first to go when making a switch to working from home.

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