The Science is in the Color

BluTech Lenses have a distinctive tint to every pair and this color aids in their advanced blue-violet light blocking technology. Other companies may claim to have superior blue-light blocking available in a clear lens, but the truth is that it is not blocking the most harmful of rays.

Why aren’t clear lenses good enough?

Clear lenses, even with supposed blue-light filters, only block up to 400nm of harmful rays, when most devices emit as much as 455nm. This means that the most powerful wavelengths are still reaching your retinas and causing cellular death and eye damage.

Can it be taken too far?

Yes. Some companies go by the motto of “the more, the better,” but this is actually not true. Most devices and natural light only emit harmful rays up to 455nm, which is what BluTech Lenses filter out with their tints. Some companies take it too far by offering lenses that filter way past that range, which may seem good in theory, but can distort color vision and offer unnecessary filtering.

How do BluTech Lenses work?

BluTech Lenses use a yellow-brown pigment in each pair to naturally filter blue and violet wavelength lights at a rate as high as 455nm. The color of the lenses is the actual science. With the tint being used in each pair, more blue wavelengths can be filtered out.

Why are there several different pairs?

The reason BluTech Lenses offers different pairs or tints of blue filtering glasses is because not all blue light is created equal. Only about 30% of blue light absorbed is from natural sunlight, so depending on where you live in the world, you may be getting more harmful rays from indoor sources such as tablets or Smartphones. BluTech offers both outdoor lenses for those that spend more time outdoors, and indoor lenses for those who work in an office setting and receive more blue-violet light from computers or tablets.

What makes BluTech Lenses the “Gold Standard” of blue filter glasses?

BluTech Lenses offer a combination of what is needed most in eyewear for consumers these days:

  • Stylish frames
  • 455nm blue light blocking technology
  • A slight tint that works but doesn’t distort color vision or take away from the style
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