Supporting Children Learning at Home

With many schools closed for the rest of the academic year, children are spending significantly more time utilizing screens each day. What can a parent do to support their young learner while they are home all day?

Posture is important

Support your children by providing them a similar seating environment. Place any devices onto a flat surface. Children can sit in a supportive (and comfortable) chair. 

The screen should be at eye level and shoulders should not be hunched over. Keep the screen a comfortable distance away so they do not need to squint or lean forward to read the text on the screen. Adjust the brightness level on the screen to be comfortable and easy to read. 

Wear Blue Light Blocking Lenses

Every time your children are utilizing devices, they should be wearing blue light blocking lenses. Children are being exposed to blue light more now than ever. 

Be sure to remind them that when the screen goes on, so do the glasses.

Active Bodies Make Learning Easier

Make sure that children are moving throughout the day as well. If they sat through a long video presentation, next they should be up and moving their body. Even if it is just a walk around the house or some simple stretches. 

You should always help them alternate sedentary activities with more active ones.

Remember, they are stressed out too

Kids may show different kinds of stress than adults do. You might see stress in kids with acting out, yelling, hitting, temper tantrums, and defiance. Stress can also be revealed in uncharacteristic quiet, need for routine, or sadness. 

Kids are feeling the stress of a different kind of learning environment. 

When a link can’t be found for their class, they could be just as worried about being late as you are. But they won’t always show their concern by searching and rushing. They might start jumping off the couch and yelling at the dog. 

Kids express concern in different ways. Be there to support them, however they will allow. You will get through this together.

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