Study Shows Blue Light-Blocking Glasses May Help People

A new study confirms that lenses that filter blue light double nighttime melatonin levels and greatly enhance patients’ quality of sleep. These patients also report waking up fewer times throughout the night, awakening feeling more rested than the placebo group that was not given BluTech Lenses.

In today’s digital age, blue light is difficult, if not impossible, to avoid. While the sun is a source of natural blue light, the sun’s rays give way to the moon each night, which triggers our body to produce melatonin to lull us into sleep.

However, the blue light emitted from electronic devices can make people stay awake longer, reduce their melatonin levels, leading to poorer quality of sleep and a reduction in the length of sleep cycles. Today, medical professionals recognize blue light as the enemy that leads to sleep disturbances and health problems.

BluTech Lenses helps to block harmful ultraviolet and blue light rays that are emitted from electronic devices, which also improves the depth and color perception while viewing these same devices. Blue-ray blocking glasses can help improve visual acuity, night vision, reduce glare and improve overall contrast.

Learn more and read the latest study on BluTech Lenses by the American Academy of Optometry here.

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