Sleep Solutions

Do you have trouble falling asleep?
Do you notice that you wake up frequently throughout the night?
Do you wake up feeling fatigued?

Insomnia, frequent waking and fatigue are unfortunately very common. 

Problems falling and staying asleep bring thousands of people to the doctors every year. Doctors have been noticing an increase in complaints of sleep difficulties. 

Fatigue is another common body disturbance. Doctors have noted that people are seeking more advice for managing sleeplessness and feelings of awakeness throughout their day.

There are many things that you can do to impact your amount of healthy sleep. As well as understand how your everyday habits could be impacting your life. 

Breaks from screens. We recommend ending the use of devices with screens 90 minutes prior to heading to bed. Allowing your body time to develop the melatonin needed to fall asleep and stay asleep is essential to healthy sleep. 

Consider how much you are gaining from checking the news one last time before going to bed. Or scrolling through social media right before bed. Do you feel like you are missing out on something if you do not check it right before sleeping?

Or could you actually be better off not checking your devices, to help you stay more awake, energized and engaged in your day in the morning?

Consider the impact of checking your devices prior to bedtime and its real addition to your life versus how much it can be hurting you.

There’s an app for that. Okay, so you know you need to reduce screen time and haven’t been able to do so yet. There is an app that can help you.

Decide what is causing you the most difficulty. Do you notice yourself scrolling endlessly? Get an app that blocks your social media for a period of time, or starting at a specific time at night. 

Do you find yourself checking emails several times a day? Use an app that blocks incoming notifications for a specific period of time. Encourage yourself to check your mail at regular intervals, instead of whenever a notification comes through. 

You can also use filters to allow truly urgent messages to reach you, while others get automatically sorted into non-urgent folders. 

Block blue light whenever possible. Use blue light blocking lenses to protect yourself when using devices. In order to reduce the potentially damaging effects of blue light, always wear blue light blocking lenses that block at 455 nm. 

Wear sunglasses every time you go outside. BluTech lenses are specially designed to allow a healthy amount of blue light in, while also protecting you from too much exposure. When you moderate your exposure, your body will be able to produce melatonin in a natural way.  

Use every tool you can to get the sleep your body needs and desires. 


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