Should You Be Wearing Sunglasses Year Round?

We often think of sunglasses as being a warm-weather necessity, but there is plenty of research now suggesting that sunglasses should be an essential item in your bag or pockets year-round. Aside from looking great, sunglasses protect our eyes in many different ways, making them invaluable, even in cold weather.

What are some the ways that sunglasses protect our eyes?

Sunglasses protection is crucial to maintaining good eye health. Some of the benefits of sunglasses are:

  • Keeping our eyes moisturized. Sunglasses not only protect us from the bright rays of the sun but can also physically keep our eyes from being affected by the elements such as wind, rain or excessively dry air that can cause damage to our eyes and impair our vision.
  • Keeping out potentially harmful blue-violet light with special polarized BluTech sunglasses. These special lenses cancel out up to 455nm of blue-violet light, which can cause headaches, blurry vision and sleeplessness. What people don’t realize is that nearly 30% of blue-violet light comes from natural sunlight.
  • Helping to reduce the risk of cataracts. Cataracts are partially caused by harmful UV rays from the sun, so protecting your eyes with UV-blocking sunglasses can help keep your vision clear even in the later years.
  • Preventing sunburn on the skin around the eyes. Because sunglasses tend to cover more than just the eye, they can also be essential in protecting the sensitive skin that surrounds the eyes from being sun damaged, which can cause premature wrinkling and lead to various skin health issues.

Are all sunglasses the same?

In short, no. Sunglasses, like other glasses, come in all different shapes, sizes and specialties. There are:

  • Polarized glasses that reduce glare
  • Blue-light blocking glasses that reduce the amount of blue light reaching the retinas
  • UV blocking sunglasses that block out harmful UV light

Whatever the season, put on a pair of sunglasses to help protect your delicate eyes and vision.

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