Seniors and Eye Health

Eye health is important at all ages. Yet adults over 60 have different needs than others. Regular eye examinations are an excellent way to stay ahead of any issues that you may experience. Lifestyle habits also have a huge impact on your eyes. 

Nutrition is Vital

For great eye health, be sure to incorporate foods that are high in antioxidants, omega 3 fatty acids and vitamins A and C. 

Antioxidants can help to avoid free radical damage in your eyes as well as boost their health naturally. Foods that impact the blood flow in your body should also be considered. Leafy green vegetables often contain many of the needed nutrients for amazing eye health. 


Like so many things, movement is vital to so many different functions in your body. This includes how your eyes function, heal and support you. Exercise improves blood circulation, which improves oxygen levels to your eyes. Oxygen is responsible for removing toxins from your eyes. Walking, stretching, yoga and deep breathing are all effective ways to exercise to keep eyes healthy and strong.

Screen and Computer Safety

If you find yourself in front of screens more frequently now, be sure to take steps to reduce the strain on your eyes.

Digital eye strain can be painful and lead to complications. Always keep your computer screen within 20”-24” of your eyes.

If you notice yourself squinting or having trouble seeing the screen, increase the font size or zoom of the screen to make it more comfortable. Take breaks frequently to give your eyes a rest.

Anytime you use a screen (computer, phone, TV, tablet) be sure to wear blue light blocking lenses. Harmful blue light can impact your eye health and ability to get quality sleep. If you already wear glasses, be sure to speak with your doctor about incorporating blue light blocking technology to your current prescription. 

If there is a glare on your screen, add or adjust soft lighting around the computer. Avoiding glare is especially important to be sure you can see everything you need as well as reducing fatigue of your eyes. 

Eye Injuries

If your eye is injured, you should always get immediate, professional medical attention. This is the best way to ensure that you can have optimal vision for the rest of your life. Many issues can be resolved quickly. 

If your eyes are dry, ask your doctor about adding eye drops to your routine. Also, be sure to blink frequently. We often forget to blink when looking at screens for long periods of time. This includes scrolling through social media or the news. It is easy for us to forget to look up and blink. 

Keep your eyes as strong as possible for your whole life with these helpful tips.

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