Say Goodbye to Bad Sleep and Fatigue

Blue light emitted from the screen can make it harder for our bodies to produce melatonin. Your body uses melatonin to begin to feel tired. 

Melatonin also helps you stay asleep throughout the night. 

Without enough melatonin, you can experience frequent waking during the night. This goes for kids too. 

When you don’t sleep well, you get more tired throughout your day which can impact your performance at home and at work. Your kids can experience impacts during the school day as well. 

If you have been feeling fatigued lately, consider what may be contributing.

  • Wear BluTech Lenses throughout the day. This can help you sleep better at night. Wearing the lenses can help minimize the fatigue you are feeling, so you can perform better throughout the day.
  • Consider what you are eating. Are you getting enough variety in your meals? What about fruits and vegetables? It is a good idea to picture the foods you have eaten and review if they are serving you well. 
  • How is your stress level? Stress is known to impact your ability to fall asleep and stay asleep. Try mindfulness exercises at night and meditation in the morning. Reducing your stress levels can have cascading effects on your health.
  • Adjust your nighttime behaviors. If you are watching television or devices prior to bed, be sure to wear your BluTech Lenses. Wearing them for three hours prior to going to sleep can impact the production of melatonin. This is essential for triggering sleep and helping you to stay asleep throughout the night. 

Simple changes and adjustments can make a huge difference in the quality of sleep you get. 

Today is a great day to start. 

You will notice the impact it has on your sleep pattern and how much better it is — each and every night.

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