Protecting Your Teen from Overuse of Devices

Many research studies and news stories focus on the impact of devices on adults. 

Others focus solely on screen time recommendations for infants and young children.

It is essential that we do not forget the other group of people who are known to spend an incredible amount of time on devices each day.


Teenagers often spend more hours on devices than any other person in their family. 

Between using computers and laptops at school, to completing homework online at home and hours on social media, teenagers can have a great amount of exposure to blue light each day. 

Tech-obsessed teenagers often have difficulty sleeping throughout the night. 

Irritability is a common complaint of parents of teenagers. Yet, it is not always due to growing pains and disputes among friends. When a teenager is not producing enough melatonin to fall asleep and stay asleep, they can experience a great deal of fatigue and discomfort. 

The blue light produced by the LEDs in computers, smartphones and tablets can directly impact melatonin production. 

When a teen is exposed to blue light throughout the day, they often have a hard time producing enough melatonin to fall asleep at night. If they are unable to produce enough melatonin to fall asleep, they are also most likely lacking the ability to stay asleep throughout the night. Frequent waking at night can easily lead to sleep deprivation and daytime fatigue.

Help teens by encouraging breaks from devices.

Blue light blocking lenses should be worn every time a teen is using a device. It is incredibly beneficial for teens to use blue light blocking lenses if they are insisting on using devices prior to bedtime. If a teen uses a screen 90 minutes prior to bedtime, they should absolutely be wearing their lenses.

Encourage teens to eat a healthy diet full of green vegetables and high in vitamins. Their growing bodies need these nutrients to develop and strengthen their bodies.  

If teens complain of dry eyes or migraines, be sure to ask their eye doctor for additional support and strategies.

Developing healthy habits at a young age can have tremendous long-term impacts on a teen’s life. Take the time now to set good habits to benefit the rest of their lives. 

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