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The Facts about Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD)

Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) is a relatively common eye condition. It is the leading cause of loss of vision in adults age 50 and older. AMD makes it difficult for people to see objects that are straight ahead. Some people experience gradual vision loss over a long time, while others have a progressive form of the disease, which can cause loss of vision in one eye or both. As the disease progresses, objects appear dimmer and dark spots may develop [...continue reading]

Digital Eye Strain – A Real Medical Condition

Whether it is Occupational Overuse Syndrome (OOS) or digital eye strain, The Vision Council agrees that these conditions are increasing. As the number of digital devices increase, doctors are seeing more patients suffering from eye strain and discomfort after using these devices for more than two hours at a time. As many as 83% of Americans also use digital devices for more than two hours daily, with nearly 53% using two simultaneously. This is causing more than 60% of people [...continue reading]

Why BluTech Lenses?

BluTech Lenses have a special blue-blocking technology that helps limit the number of blue rays that enter your eyes. Because too much blue light is harmful to our bodies, it’s essential that we limit exposure. How are BluTech Lenses different? BluTech lenses don’t simply filter blue light, but it blocks blue light and filters out some green, yellow and red portions of the color spectrum. Traditional blue blocking lenses distort color vision, but the science behind BluTech Lenses allows the [...continue reading]

What is Macular Degeneration?

You’ve probably heard it on the news: harmful blue rays can cause macular degeneration. But what exactly is this medical condition? Macular Degeneration is the number one cause of vision loss. It affects more than 10 million Americans – more than both glaucoma and cataracts combined. Currently, Macular Degeneration is incurable. It is caused by a deterioration in the central part of the retina, which is the inside back layer of your eye that allows us to record images we [...continue reading]

Does Apple’s Night Shift feature block blue light?

As electronic manufacturers are listening to doctor’s concerns about the harmful effects of overexposure to blue light, do they hit the mark with features such as Apple’s Night Shift? Apple’s latest feature, Night Shift, uses geolocation and sunset time data to reduce the amount of blue light your device emits. However, the result isn’t a technical reduction in blue light, but rather a filtered amber version. Medical professionals have been prescribing and touting the benefit of blue-light reducing apps for [...continue reading]

How is blue light harmful to the Macula?

Medical professionals have found that ultra-violet and blue light rays aggravate macular degeneration. Ultra-violet and blue light rays are in a portion of the light spectrum of invisible light. These rays are below 286nm to 400nm and are harmful to the eye. Overexposure can lead to cataracts and other eye diseases, such as macular degeneration. Types of UV Light There are several different sources of UV light, such as the sun, fluorescent lighting, video display terminals, high-intensity mercury vapor lamps [...continue reading]

Who benefits most from BluTech Lenses?

BluTech Lenses are designed to reduce the amount of harmful blue light rays that enter our eyes. Blue light rays are responsible for a wide array of health and medical complications, including eyestrain, headaches and disrupted sleep cycles. Who benefits most? BluTech lenses benefit: Children under Age 18 Contact lens wearers Patients with family histories of macular problems Post-op cataract or LASIK patients Anyone that uses digital devices for 3 hours or more on a daily basis Unfortunately, children at [...continue reading]

6 Facts You Need to Know About Blue Light

Ever wonder what blue light rays are and how you can protect your delicate baby blues from the harmful effects? Here are the top six things you need to know about blue light. It’s Everywhere! Sunlight is the key source of blue light in our environments, but artificially created indoor light and electronic devices is rapidly increasing the amount of blue light exposure. Reduces Melatonin Levels – Overexposure to blue light decreases the levels of melatonin our body produces. Melatonin [...continue reading]

Study Shows Blue Light-Blocking Glasses May Help People

A new study confirms that lenses that filter blue light double nighttime melatonin levels and greatly enhance patients’ quality of sleep. These patients also report waking up fewer times throughout the night, awakening feeling more rested than the placebo group that was not given BluTech Lenses. In today’s digital age, blue light is difficult, if not impossible, to avoid. While the sun is a source of natural blue light, the sun’s rays give way to the moon each night, which [...continue reading]

Why the buzz about Blue Light?

Blue light has existed since the beginning of time, so why all the fuss now? Before digital devices and curlicue (CFL) and LED light bulbs, the only source of blue light that we worried about was the sun. Blue light is now indoors and present on backlit devices and artificial lights, exposing our eyes to increasing levels of blue light. This increase is not what nature intended when we got the sun. This is artificial, humanmade light and it’s messing [...continue reading]

Blue Light and Developers

If you are a computer developer, you likely find yourself staring at a computer screen for hours at a time, laboriously coding websites. You may experience eye fatigue, pain in your eyes, blurry vision or have frequent headaches. While we are all exposed to natural blue light via the sun, the increase in artificial blue light has rapidly increased over the last century. Humans have not evolved to process this type of light efficiently, which is why it can cause [...continue reading]

Blue Light and Eye Strain

A typical day in the life of the average American: Digital alarm on the Smartphone goes off. Roll over; check email, Facebook and all social feeds before getting out of bed. Go to work and stare at a computer screen for the next eight to nine hours. Come home, check social media feeds on Smartphone or tablet and binge-watch the latest season of “Stranger Things” while groaning that HBO delayed “Game of Thrones” final season release to 2019 as a [...continue reading]


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