Glaucoma Awareness Month

Eye health is part of a holistic approach to physical and emotional health. Eye pain and sight loss can have a significant impact on physical and mental well-being. That’s why examining the different forms of eye disease are important in the journey to preventative care and treatment.  The Glaucoma Research Foundation has deemed January Glaucoma Awareness Month in order to bring attention to this eye health issue. Here’s what to know.  What is Glaucoma? Glaucoma is an eye disease that [...continue reading]

Top 3 Tips for Better Sleep to Reduce Daytime Fatigue

Consistently irregular or fitful sleep can lead to fatigue, inability to focus, and mental fogginess, Sleep hygiene refers to the habits you can cultivate to improve the quality of your sleep and therefore the quality of your days.  Here are some helpful, basic tips you can start with to clean up your sleep hygiene in 2021. Reduce caffeine intake: Caffeine doesn’t affect everyone the same, but chances are, most people will suffer from some kind of disrupted sleep after consuming [...continue reading]

How Light Affects Our Bodies and Our Health

Light is a powerful tool in regulating many different processes in our body and brain. Here are a few ways that the light all across the spectrum can help - or hinder - our health.  Vision: Light is obviously closely related to vision capability and health. Light entering the eye is crucial to sight. Too much light, or the wrong kinds of light, can be detrimental and harmful to sight, however. Too much squinting into the sun can cause eye [...continue reading]

What is Melatonin?

A good, restful night sleep can lead to a whole host of wellness benefits from a sense of increased energy to a better ability to focus. Melatonin plays a huge role in helping the body fall asleep and stay asleep. But what exactly is melatonin and do we have any control over how it works in our bodies?  Melatonin is a hormone that your brain produces in response to darkness and signals that it’s time to sleep. Melatonin helps create [...continue reading]

Who Invented Blue LIght LEDs And Why?

By now, it’s well known that too much blue light can have a negative effect on the human body. But what’s the history of this technology?    Technically, blue light exists everywhere. As part of the overall visible light spectrum, most blue light actually comes from the sun. But in 2014, Shuji Nakamura, Isamu Akasaki, and Hiroshi Amano were awarded the Nobel Prize in physics for their invention of blue LED, which made it possible to light flat screen tvs, [...continue reading]

How to Celebrate Safe Toys & Celebrations Month

A safer holiday season is something we can all celebrate. That’s why Prevent Blindness America has declared December as Safe Toys and Gifts Awareness Month. Toys are a source of both fun and learning, but gift-givers need to consider the safety and appropriateness of the toy and child that’s receiving it. Just because something looks fun, doesn’t mean it’s safe for all kids.  Certain toys pose a greater risk than others, especially when it comes to caring for the eyesight [...continue reading]

Do You Need Sunglasses in Winter?

Sunglasses are associated with summer - long days of driving around with the convertible top down or spending time lounging on the beach. But what about winter? Should you still be wearing sunglasses on your outings during the season of cold and snow?    The short answer is yes, definitely. Here’s why.    Reduces glare: Winter weathers bring cold precipitation that covers everything in water, snow, and ice. This can cause extremely bright reflections when in direct sunlight, which can [...continue reading]

Top 3 Eye Health Myths

Eye health is important, but how do you tell facts from fiction? What are the most important things to really know about keeping your vision healthy? Here are some common vision health misconceptions.   Eating carrots will improve your eyesight: Vitamin A is essential for good vision, and while carrots are high in Vitamin A, you don’t need a carrot based diet or extra carrots to help keep your eyes healthy. Vitamin A is also found in other foods, like [...continue reading]

4 Ways to Make Working From Home More Comfortable

  With thousands of people still working from home, many will have already created productive routines for accomplishing tasks. However, with the start of a new season, we’re sharing a few of our favorite ways to make WFH life cozier, yet just as productive for the fall.    Light a Fall-Scented Candle Nothing says fall like the smell of pumpkin spice, apples, and vanilla. No matter your choice of scent, working with a calming fragrance in the air can help [...continue reading]

November is Diabetic Eye Disease Awareness Month

  At BluTech, we are proud to bring awareness to all things related to eye health. This month is Diabetic Eye Disease Awareness Month, a time to spread the word about how people with diabetes can protect their vision. Help us spread the word by learning about diabetic eye disease and the educational resources people with diabetes can use to feel and see their best.   What is Diabetic Eye Disease?  Diabetic eye disease is a leading cause of blindness [...continue reading]

4 Healthy Fall Habits You Should Try

  The fall season has arrived, and along with crunchy leaves on the ground and pumpkin-spiced flavors, this time of the year brings an opportunity to create new, healthy habits that you can carry with you into the new year. To help you feel inspired and ready to make this the best fall season yet, keep reading for our top healthy habits to try out.    Spend more time outside We’ve all been guilty of spending too much time on [...continue reading]

How to Reorganize Your Home for Fall

  We’re all familiar with spring cleaning, but fall is just as great of a season to declutter your home and prepare for the transition to cooler weather. Here are a few tips to start the fall cleaning process in your home, so you can enjoy the approaching holiday season in a more organized and relaxed way.   Clean out your closet The holidays often bring in new purchases or gifts, which often end up in an already full wardrobe. [...continue reading]


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