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Night Shift Doesn’t Reduce Melatonin Suppression

Tablets and Smartphones have not been around long enough to measure the long-term effects of these technological advances. However, some studies that have been conducted suggest that one of the potentially negative effects is that artificial light can contain blue light rays, which are linked to a number of issues related to vision and overall health. What are the problems with blue light absorption? Blue light can be found in all light sources, both natural and artificial. In small doses, [...continue reading]
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March is Workplace Eye Wellness Month

Prevent Blindness, has declared the month of March to be Workplace Eye Wellness Month. Our eyes are so fragile and important, and the workplace can have many hazards that can be potentially harmful to our eyes each day. What are some physical hazards in a non-office setting? In industrial settings such as construction sites or factories, the physical issues our eyes can face are: Flying debris Hazardous Liquids Chemicals Dust particles or other hazardous material particles Eyestrain and fatigue from [...continue reading]
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Why Wear Blue Light-Canceling Glasses?

Light exposure is nothing new, and it used to be that most of the blue light that we absorbed was through natural sunlight. While blue light is essential to regulating our circadian rhythm and keeping us awake during the daytime, with technology we are now being exposed to potentially harmful blue light several hours each day. What can this exposure effect? Over-exposure to blue light rays through tablets, Smartphones and computer screens can have several negative effects, including: Headaches Blurred [...continue reading]
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The Ups and Downs of Blue Light

Blue light is found in both natural sunlight and artificial lighting that comes from everything like the lighting in our homes to the light emitted from Smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices. The light spectrum is made up of many different wavelengths, with blue being just one of many. Altogether, these colors make up what scientists call “white light.” So why focus on blue light? The wavelengths closer to the blue end of the spectrum are shorter and emit more [...continue reading]

Why Isn’t Night Shift Enough?

The introduction of Apple’s Night Shift mode was made in one of the latest iOS system updates and then moved to Macs in 2017. The idea was to help reduce harmful blue light emitted by smart devices during the darker night hours, but it appears that it may not be helping much at all. How does it work? Night Shift mode works by dimming the screen to a warmer tone when triggered at a certain hour of the day. The [...continue reading]
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What is AMD?

Age-Related Macular Degeneration is a condition of the eyes that is the leading cause of vision loss in people ages 50 or over. Since February is National AMD Awareness month, here are some of the facts about AMD, and some great ways to help prevent it at a younger age. What does AMD affect? AMD affects the macula, which is a small spot in the center of the retina that helps us to see sharp and clear objects that are [...continue reading]

Should You Be Wearing Sunglasses Year Round?

We often think of sunglasses as being a warm-weather necessity, but there is plenty of research now suggesting that sunglasses should be an essential item in your bag or pockets year-round. Aside from looking great, sunglasses protect our eyes in many different ways, making them invaluable, even in cold weather. What are some the ways that sunglasses protect our eyes? Sunglasses protection is crucial to maintaining good eye health. Some of the benefits of sunglasses are: Keeping our eyes moisturized. [...continue reading]

Can a Computer be Addictive?

Addiction can take many forms, and people generally don’t associate the word with technology much. After all, our computers, tablets and smartphones have only improved our communications and daily lives, right? However, computer addiction is a very real affliction and can affect so many aspects of daily life that it becomes debilitating. What are the causes of computer addiction? Computer addiction can have several causes, but generally, people who become addicted to computers can become Anxious or depressed Lonely Dependent [...continue reading]

Why Limit Screen Time for Kids?

Screens are everywhere these days. Televisions, computers, tablets and smartphones can be found in almost every home, and in the hands of even the youngest members of the family. However, while too much screen time for anyone is proven to be harmful, the effects on developing children can be even worse. How much screen time is average? Research shows that ages five through eight years olds are spending nearly three full hours a day staring at the TV, tablet or [...continue reading]

The Science is in the Color

BluTech Lenses have a distinctive tint to every pair and this color aids in their advanced blue-violet light blocking technology. Other companies may claim to have superior blue-light blocking available in a clear lens, but the truth is that it is not blocking the most harmful of rays. Why aren’t clear lenses good enough? Clear lenses, even with supposed blue-light filters, only block up to 400nm of harmful rays, when most devices emit as much as 455nm. This means that [...continue reading]

What is Computer Vision Syndrome?

Computer Vision Syndrome, or CVS, is a combination of several issues that can arise from spending too much time working or playing on a computer screen. Also called digital eye strain, this syndrome is no longer limited to just computers. With smartphones and tablets being used by most of the population, this syndrome can affect almost any age at any time. What are the symptoms of CVS? Some of the symptoms associated with CVS include: Eye strain Headaches Blurry vision [...continue reading]

What You Need to Know Before Buying Your Child A Smart Device

During the holidays, smart devices are pushed by retailers as the hottest technology gifts for everyone in the family. This usually includes children, who are now growing up in an age of technology that is targeting younger and younger consumers. Before you commit to buying your child a tablet or smartphone, there are some things to consider on if you should purchase these, or how you can limit their use. What’s the harm? While technology can help advance our children [...continue reading]


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