No Screens At Night: Should I Enforce This Rule In My Household?

It is common practice to unwind after a long day in bed and scroll through social media, play Candy Crush, read the latest news articles, or check your emails one last time before hitting the hay. Right before going to sleep, we set our phone alarm and finally roll over for sleep. Then falling asleep isn’t always so easy. You are exhausted though, so why can’t you fall asleep? 

This common trend of experiencing insomnia has continually increased over the years, and there are many reasons as to why. Reasons can include mental health issues, hormonal changes, and stress. Another reason to consider is exposure to blue light from LEDs, which causes a reduction in melatonin and leads to sleep issues. 

We are all glued to our phones, so we are constantly being exposed to blue light. Blue light is also emitted from our TVs, computers, tablets, and even LED light bulbs. Not all blue light is bad though, because in the morning it can help wake us up. On the flip side though, it can cause us to have problems falling asleep. 

Using phones at night is keeping our minds stimulated, making it hard to focus on falling asleep. We have all experienced scrolling on our phones and then looking up only to be shocked that another hour has passed by.

Many parents are enforcing a “no screens at night” rule in their homes, taking away cell phones, tablets, gaming systems, TVs, and computers at least an hour before bedtime. By doing this, parents are reducing kids’ exposure to blue light and improving their sleep habits. Doctors are recommending this practice. 

Instead of falling asleep watching TV, encourage your family to fall asleep to their favorite book. Establishing a healthy bedtime routine of brushing teeth, winding down, and putting away cell phones is a healthy practice for everyone. 

Activities like social media or video games can cause anxieties which make falling asleep more difficult. By taking away these activities and choosing sleep friendly activities, you are setting a better lifestyle practice for better sleep health. 

Another way to protect against the negative effects of blue light from LEDs is to wear blue light lenses. This new glasses technology was designed to block negative blue light and prevent eye strain. BlueTech offers a variety of blue light lenses so you can get your best sleep yet. 

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