New Study Shows that Blue Light Can Cause Blindness

A new study conducted by the University of Toledo in Ohio shows that blue-tinted screens of electronic devices, such as cell phones, may contribute to vision loss and precipitate macular degeneration.

The study, which was recently published in the journal “Scientific Reports” highlights that prolonged exposure to harmful blue light rays may cause a type of toxic chemical reaction, which occurs in the retinal molecules and can ultimately kill photoreceptor cells.

Researchers from the study recommend that people avoid using mobile tablets or devices in the dark. While newer devices, such as Apple’s iPad and iPhone feature the “Night Shift” mode that helps to reduce the blue light emitted from devices during certain nighttime hours, this is hardly a substitute for wearing blue light reducing glasses that have special coatings to help reduce glare and minimize the impact blue light has on our eyes and circadian rhythms.

The study was aimed at helping to find a way to reduce blue light exposure toxins, especially in children growing up in today’s high tech world.

If you would like to read the entire scientific findings from the study, you may do so here.

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