Move Over, Migraine. Here’s How to Proactively Protect Yourself

38 million people around the world suffer from migraine. If you’re among that number–or know someone who is–you know how challenging it is to find fast relief. The pain, dizziness and light sensitivity aren’t prone to leaving quickly.

But what if there were a way to prevent most migraine attacks before they occurred?

Research from the past decade has uncovered new ways to treat yourself proactively against the threat of migraine. And the best part is no pills or medication are required.

Blue Light and You

Blue light is a part of the visible light spectrum. But it is also a leading cause of migraine attacks. With wavelengths between 400 nm and 500 nm, it is one of the shortest, highest-energy wavelengths around.

And here’s why that’s a problem:

Researchers suggest there is a specific neural pathway connecting our eyes to our brain that causes blue light to worsen headaches and migraine. This specific pathway is different from the one that transmits vision, meaning the age-old routine of closing your eyes in a dark room may not bring about migraine relief in a timely fashion.

Because our modern indoor lifestyle revolves around digital devices and artificial lights, we’re bathed in blue light around the clock. While the problem is exacerbated at night after the sun sets, it is important to remember that the sun is actually the primary source of harmful UV light and intense blue light that can potentially harm your retina.

The Solution

If blue light is essentially everywhere, how can you protect yourself? That’s where we come in.

For daily use, we created the Ultra Lenses. These lenses block 41% of blue light at peak emission (which is 455 nm). These stylish glasses were designed to be worn day or night at home, grocery stores, schools, offices, restaurants, and any other places with bright lights. These are available in Rx, Plano (Non-Rx), and reader, so you can get the coverage you deserve regardless of your current eyeglasses status.

But depending on the strength of your migraine condition, you may want even more protection. That’s when we recommend our Max Lenses. Designed to block 59% of blue light at peak emission, these lenses offer a darker tint to filter out even more blue light. Available only in Non-Rx, wear these for maximum protection while experiencing a migraine attack or headaches, while outside or anywhere indoors with large windows, and in front of any technology with screens.

To learn more about the connection between blue light and migraine, browse the BluTech website.

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