Missed Work Because of Migraine?

So often, employees must call into work sick or use precious vacation time because of the debilitating effects of a migraine. 

Yet, so many have never experienced a migraine attack before and do not understand the serious nature of this disease. Have you ever had to miss a day of work because of a migraine attack, and your employer did not understand? Employers and coworkers may think, “Oh it is just a headache. They can totally make it in.” Yet, you know the truth. You know that migraine means way more than just a headache.

Many people diagnosed with migraine struggle to find fast and lasting relief. In particular, those who have light as a migraine trigger can be greatly impacted when working in a traditional office setting. 

So what can you do?

Be proactive

People experiencing migraine have often noted that by proactively wearing blue light protective lenses, they have experienced a reduction in migraine attacks, and relief from headaches and visual eye strain associated with triggering light. 

There is also stress-relief that comes from taking action to protecting your eyes. When you are less worried about having a migraine attack, it can actually work to reduce your instance of having one. When you are stressed, you have higher cortisol (the stress hormone). You can also have tension in your neck, back, head, and jaw. Yet, when you know you are taking steps to protect yourself, you are less likely to experience an attack.

Address your lighting

If your workspace has fluorescent or LED lighting, speak to your employer. They will likely work with you to adjust the lighting, especially if they realize that the lighting is contributing to the cause of migraines to their employees. 

The employer will get much more value out of you being in the office, compared to home, ill. Perhaps they can change out the lighting or you can add in lamps or desk lighting that won’t be so triggering.

Along with being mindful of the triggering light, we should also be mindful of the foods we eat, and the scents we are exposed to that could potentially cause an attack.

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