Level Up Your Sunglasses this Summer with Extra Protection

From beaches to barbeques, summer is the ultimate season to take in the great outdoors. Longer days and warm weather mean millions of Americans will be spending less time indoors in front of screens and digital devices.

This may seem like a temporary reprieve from the harmful effects of blue light, but that’s not necessarily the case. After all, the sun emits the majority of the blue light our eyes are exposed to. So, before you reach for just any pair of new shades, consider adding some extra protection to your sunglasses.

Why We Protect Our Eyes From the Sun

The sun is the primary source of harmful UV light and intense blue light that decreases visual clarity and can potentially harm your retina. We’re all told at a young age to not stare directly into the sun, but the light emitted is so powerful that humans should wear sunglasses even when the light is less direct and reflecting off the atmosphere around us.

You may already instinctively wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun’s UV rays, but what about all of that blue light? Do your sunglasses include protection for both?

Leveling Up Your Sunglasses

These days, any pair of sunglasses worth its weight in plastic should shield your eyes from harmful UV rays. But this summer, take it a step further and add blue light protection to your shades. You’ll lower your risk of blue light-related health concerns and you may find you sleep more restfully. This is because blue light disrupts our natural melatonin production cycle and can delay your natural bedtime.

And because the blue light protection will blend seamlessly into the sunglass lenses, you won’t lose out on any style points!

Get ready for National Sunglasses Day which is right around the corner. National Sunglasses Day is on June 27th.  The Vision Council’s official hashtag to celebrate is #NationalSunglassesDay and #SunglassSelfie. What are you doing on National Sunglasses Day?

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