Keeping Eyes Safe Post-Lasik

Lasik surgery has become more and more popular among people needing corrective lenses. The idea of shortening a morning routine, saving money on contact lenses and having clear vision right after waking up is incredibly appealing. 

For most people, the shape of the eye and the shape of the cornea do not match perfectly. This can make focusing on objects more difficult. 

Some people have difficulty seeing this up close. Others have difficulty seeing things far away. Often glasses or contact lenses are used to compensate for the difficulties. 

Lasik is a procedure that removes corneal tissue. A specialized laser reshapes the cornea. This changes the focusing power of the eye. 

These suggestions for keeping your eyes safe post-Lasik surgery are vital to eye health. 

Healthy Diet

Eating a wide range of fruits and vegetables creates a healthy environment for healing after the surgery. 

Be sure to eat foods high in Vitamins A and C. Omega 3 fatty acids should also be incorporated into your diet. 

Being well hydrated will allow your eyes to stay lubricated. 

Stay Safe in the Sun

After Lasik, be sure to wear sunglasses or blue light blocking lenses every time you go outside. 

Right after Lasik, you may experience light sensitivity. This typically decreases with time. Yet, without some kind of protection, the light outside will feel too bright. 

Computer Safety

It is highly recommended to avoiding using screens and devices for the first 24 hours after Lasik. When we look at screens, we tend to blink less. Lubrication of the eyes through blinking is essential for healing. 

For the days following Lasik, keep lubricating eye drops close by. Use your eye drops frequently. 

Always wear blue light blocking lenses. Look away from screens every 20 minutes. Make a dedicated effort to blink often. 

Keep reminders close by or set alarms on your phone to remind you.

Staying safe after Lasik is not hard. Be sure to incorporate these tips to let your eyes heal. Get the most out of Lasik and protect your eyes for the rest of your life. 

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