How to Start the Migraine Conversation

Eye care professionals have a great responsibility to their patients. 

All the time, you hear of increased screen usage among patients of all ages. From long work hours, to uses of screens in schools and on public transportation, people are being exposed to blue light at a higher degree now than ever before.

You want to make sure that your patients have the most comfort available to them. Yet, how can you know for sure if blue light blocking technology is right for them?

Step 1 is to ask two simple questions.

# 1. “Do you suffer from migraine episodes?”

# 2. “Do you suffer from light sensitivity?”

Adding these questions into your regular assessment can be extremely valuable to determining the right course of action for your patients.

Did you know that 1 in 4 households will have a family member answer “Yes” to suffering? 

That’s 25% of the families you serve that could have an immediate need for such technology.

Your next step is to provide an overview of the BluTech Lens blue light-blocking solution. 

These lenses offer the most near-clear protection against blue-light emitted by digital devices and artificial light without distorting color.

Additionally, BluTech Lenses filter harmful wavelengths known to be associated with digital eye strain, headaches and sleeplessness. 

You can assure them that the proprietary treatment infused into the lens is not a coating that can easily scratch off or wear down over time. 

By providing such information you will actively help to solve your patients’ migraine challenges, while also protecting their eyes and enjoyment of life. 

What’s in it for you??

You’ll notice an immediate increase in patient retention and profitability in your practice. 

Patients who feel taken care of and who get their major pain problems solved are sure to return and to spread the word!

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