How to Improve Sleep Quality

If you’re one of the 80 million Americans that suffer from some form of insomnia, you likely wake up feeling restless, tired and exhausted. Often, electronic devices are to blame for poor sleep habits and schedules. Scientists have unearthed a link to electronic devices emitting blue light and sleeplessness.

If you suffer from poor quality sleep, here are five tips to help improve your sleep quality and help you fall to sleep sooner.

  1. Exercising – Do you workout before bedtime? If so, you may be experiencing an adrenaline rush before going to bed, which will keep you awake longer. Our bodies are designed to embrace this rush in the morning, helping fuel our daylight hours. Regular exercise is essential, but move your exercise schedule up a few hours or to the first part of the day.
  2. Bedtime Routine – Establish a regular bedtime routine, so your body recognizes the signs that winding down means you’re ready for bed.
  3. Avoid Alcohol – Regulating alcohol consumption before bedtime is also essential. Many people have a drink to relax and unwind, but it can be counterintuitive because it can also delay your sleep cycle.
  4. Get Fit – If you don’t exercise or exercise and don’t do cardio, here’s a great reason to start: your fitness level determines how your body handles and responds to stress. If you’re fit, your body will react to stress better, which means that it will have less effect on your sleep cycle.
  5. Turn Off Devices – Turn off electronic devices at least two hours before bedtime to ensure that your body receives the signal that “light” is winding down and it needs to start lulling itself to sleep. Traditionally, our circadian rhythms respond to the sun rising and setting, but modern-day electronic devices send the signal to the brain that it is still daylight out, which makes it harder for our bodies to go to sleep. Can’t break away from electronic devices with your work? No problem. BluTech offers blue light blocking lenses, which help eliminate the blue light that triggers our brain to stay active, alert and awake longer.


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