Trying to Enjoy Quarantine

With a pandemic still going on, things are undoubtedly different. Despite being in quarantine and adjusting to this new normal, there are many ways you and your family can still enjoy the long days while practicing social distancing and health safety measures. 

Rearrange your space

With more time spent at home, it can be easy to feel unproductive and uninspired. A quick and fun fix to this is to rearrange your space. Getting rid of clutter and renovating or redecorating your space can boost your mood and make your home feel brand new!

Try new recipes

Expand your culinary skills and make cooking a fun, family activity. Choose a unique recipe you’ve yet to try or learn to make some of your favorite meals from scratch. Not only do you get family time and a meal out of cooking at home, but you may even be saving on money. 

Facetime your family and friends 

It can be easy to feel isolated and disconnected from loved ones during this time of quarantine. Hosting virtual Zoom parties and video chats with friends are ways to stay in touch. 

Practice self-care

With reports of screen time numbers going up across social media platforms, many of us can relate to feeling fatigued by too many hours spent scrolling behind bright phone screens. If you’re spending more time online than usual, investing in a pair of blue light blocking glasses will help prevent you from experiencing eye strain. BluTech lenses ensure eye protection from artificial lights so you can maintain a healthy sleep cycle despite new distractions. 

Find ways to stay active

Prioritizing active time during quarantine will not only keep you healthy but can improve your mood. Find different ways to exercise and get fresh air whether that’s going for a walk with your family, running, or even some backyard yoga. Get creative and break a sweat! 


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