How To Cope With Pregnancy and Migraine

When an individual is diagnosed with chronic migraine, they have several treatment options that are presented to them. Most of those options include various types of medication to treat migraine symptoms. However, most of these migraine medications are not an option if a woman becomes pregnant.

Studies have shown that 15 to 20 percent of women will experience migraine episodes during pregnancy, which include symptoms such as headaches, aura, light sensitivity, fatigue, nausea/vomiting and mental fuzziness. While these women are suffering from migraine attacks, there are only a select few medications that are safe during pregnancy, and unfortunately, many migraine medications don’t make that list.

So how can women cope when there aren’t a lot of options for migraine relief during pregnancy? We’ve provided a list of tips below. 

Know Your Triggers

If you know your migraine triggers, try and avoid them as much as possible. Whether you’re triggered by food, environmental factors or stress, be sure to pay attention to your body so that you can be prepared when you feel the onset of a migraine attack coming. 

Self Care

Taking the time to reduce stress and take care of yourself can have many benefits for both mom and baby. Think about scheduling a prenatal massage or finding time to relax and meditate. 


It’s imperative for women to stay hydrated, especially during pregnancy. Your body needs more water during this time, and fluid intake will help keep off a looming migraine 

Wear High-Quality  Blue Light Glasses

One of the best things about our lenses is that there is no medication required to feel instant relief, which is a great option during pregnancy. If you find yourself experiencing light sensitivity or aura, high-quality blue light glasses, like BluTech(R) (link) will be your next line in defense and can be used to prevent or rescue you during an attack.

Many women experience an increase in migraines during pregnancy, so by being proactive and having your non-med remedies available is a great way to feel as normal as possible during the next 9 months. 

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