How to Choose Lenses If You Have Migraines

When someone says they get a migraine, it can mean a whole lot of different things.

Do you experience migraine attacks intermittently? Every week? Once a year? Every month?

There is a wide range of causes of migraine and with the knowledge that each day may be different, there is value in determining the right kind of lenses based on your symptoms.

People who experience “chronic migraine” have 15 or more migraine days per month. The attacks also last longer than 4 hours. 

People who experience “episodic migraine” have less than 15 migraine days per month. 

Although less frequent than chronic migraine, episodic migraine can be a drain on productivity and come with a great deal of discomfort. 

What we do know is that light sensitivity is extremely common with all types of migraine disorders. Blocking fluorescent light, blue light and other light sources is an excellent tactic for reducing migraine aura, pain and other symptoms. 

So what lenses are best for you?

BluTech Classic lenses are great for everyday use. Whether you suffer from chronic or episodic migraine, the Classic lenses can be used at any time. These lenses are cosmetically appealing and provide soothing relief from brightness. BluTech Classic lenses can help to potentially ward off the next headache or attack when worn throughout the day.

BluTech Max lenses should be used to provide relief and alleviate symptoms when you are experiencing an attack. These lenses provide an even greater reduction in light intensity compared to the BluTech Classic lenses. 

Regardless, both lenses are a great source of protection and provide relief when fluorescent or blue light triggers a migraine attack. As a simple reminder, be sure to wear your BluTech Classic lenses as a line of defense anytime you are exposed to everyday light and Max lenses when you’re experiencing a debilitating episode. Each pair will help you avoid the pain and discomfort of a looming attack, which is what helps BluTech lenses stand apart from other types of lenses.  

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