Help for When Working Hours are Shifted

Many employees have shifted and are working most of their hours (if not all) from home. For some, this is a time of excitement, relaxation, and yoga pants. For others this time is stressful, unorganized, and isolating. 

Whether you are feeling free or whether you are feeling constrained, there are simple things you can do around your home to make your work day feel more smooth and productive. 

Your Work Space

Create a command center for your work space. You don’t need a full desk, loads of supplies, and an ultra-ergonomic chair to have a productive work day. 

Find a location in your home, whether that is an office space, a dining room table, or an empty closet. Each of these spaces can be transformed to fit your needs. 

Be sure to include the necessities for your work. This may include a computer and monitor or laptop, power cords and chargers, a comfortable chair, blue light blocking lenses, a light source, a folder for necessary papers, or a headset for meetings. Collect all of your essential items and ensure they are close to your work space. You don’t want to waste time looking for things around your home. 

If you are often switching locations in your home, grab a tote or box that you can pack up to easily have everything you need with you, no matter where you go in your home.

Hours Worked

Are your hours the same as they used to be? Or have they moved some? If you are caring for children, elderly family members, or someone who is ill your hours may need to change and shift.  

You may be waking earlier to complete work or staying up later. It is really important to wear blue light blocking lenses when being exposed to blue light. The blue light you are exposed to can impact your feelings of fatigue and impact your ability to fall asleep. Be sure to get the best sleep possible and take every measure possible to be able to fall asleep easily. This will make the next day so much better.


Working at home is different than working in an office setting. There are distractions in both, yet they are quite different. At home you may have the desire to snack more often or use the television to provide some noise in the background. Be aware of your habits and what might be getting in your way. There may be children or other adults at home who request your attention. Where appropriate, set office hours and make it clear to others when you are available and when you are not. 

Simple shifts can make a huge difference in your  experience working from home.

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