Follow These Tips for a Stress-Free Workspace


Does your workspace energize you to feel productive and focused? Or is it a cluttered mess of papers on a desk that makes you crane your neck and shoulders down? If it’s the latter, here are a few tips that can help transform your desk space into one that not only helps you get more done but also makes you feel good. 


  • Keep it Simple

The fewer files, objects, and clutter you have on your desk, the fewer distractions and stress you will experience throughout your day. Keep only essential paperwork on your desk with all other items out of sight, but organized in their own place. Whether it’s a filing cabinet, designated drawer, or even a shoebox, storing all non-essential items out of sight, but in reach, will keep your desk clean and your mind focused. 


  • Elevate your Eye line

Most desks do not sit at eye-level, which results in many of us sitting hunched with tense neck and shoulders to type on our keyboards. If you experience poor posture in your workspace, try elevating your eye line with a laptop stand that allows you to view your screen without needing to slouch down.


  • Let Nature In 

If you can work near a window, natural light is the way to go for increased alertness, decreased stress, and more productivity. Not only can working near natural light boost your mood but it also provides a way to reduce digital eye strain. By looking out of a window every 20 minutes, your eyes can refocus and rest after working behind a computer screen. Bringing living plants into your office space can also help purify the air and help you feel relaxed.


  • Choose the Right Eyewear 

Working on digital devices can cause fatigue, headaches, and eye strain – all of which can be prevented by wearing the right pair of glasses. Finding a great pair of blue light blocking glasses can help you avoid eye strain and keep your eyes healthy and alert throughout the day. BluTech Lenses provide the gold standard of blue light glasses that shield eyes from artificial and UV lights, allowing you to work without the worry of eye strain.


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