Does my child need blue light glasses?

Many adults question whether or not they need blue light glasses, let alone their children. According to the AACAP, children ages 8 to 12 years of age are using screens 4-6 hours a day, and teenagers are spending up to 9 hours on a screen. Remote learning will increase these averages, and if your child is doing remote learning, it is a good idea to get them blue light eye protection

Blue light is everywhere 

Our exposure to blue light is increasing all the time, especially with the use of LED lighting becoming more and more popular. Most commonly we think of blue light in our phone screens, tablets, computers, and other electronic devices. However; there is even blue light and UV rays radiating from the sun. Blue light is all around us and ever increasing, so the need for protection is undeniable. 

What are the negative effects of blue light?

Exposure to blue light can cause eye strain which leads to other issues like headaches and fatigue. Blue light negatively affects your melatonin production which causes sleep issues, which can lead to more issues like weight gain and mood problems. 

How does blue light lenses help your family? 

Blue light lenses are designed to reduce the glare from blue light and protect your eyes against its harmful effects. From children to adults, blue light protection is good to prevent issues caused from blue light radiants while working remotely, doing online schooling, scrolling through phones, playing video games, and more. We live in a digital era where we are constantly exposed to blue light and it is unavoidable. We can try to reduce screen time, but with today’s remote work and school life, it is almost impossible, so consider using blue light glasses to protect your family’s eyes. 

BlueTech has created blue light blocking lenses designed to stop digital eye strain and reduce your risk of the negative effects caused by our daily exposure. Find out more about BlueTech and protect your family’s eyes today.


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