Choosing Blue Light Blocking Lenses

Blue light is everywhere, it comes from the sun, which is why it looks blue. Blue light is also emitted from screens and digital devices. 

Some exposure to blue light is healthy and important.

Whereas too much exposure can impact your ability to fall asleep and sleep throughout the night. 

There are many different types of blue light blocking lenses available. So what should you be looking for?

Tint of the lenses

Some lenses are completely clear and others are a very dark yellow. So how do you choose? When lenses are very dark it can distort the experience you receive. Colors do not appear the way they are intended and can put additional strain on your eyes. When you must squint to see what you are looking at, it can be counterproductive.

Others lenses are completely clear. Yet do not provide the protection that you are seeking. It is important that your lenses protect you at 455 nm. This is the peak for blue light. If the glasses company doesn’t speak about 455 nm, you should consider another option.

Protective Coating?

Many have been disappointed with lenses that have a protective coating. This coating can begin to disintegrate and chip away. When glasses are used often, scratches and mistakes happen. When the protective coating begins to come away, so does the protection.

BluTech Lenses utilizes a unique treatment to the lenses. This way you get complete protection, and never have to worry about it scratching away. 

Fit and Comfort

Getting a proper fit for your glasses is essential. If they are too big, sliding off your nose, or uncomfortable behind your ears, well you simply won’t wear them. Taking the time to ensure you have a pair that fits you well and doesn’t leave that funny mark on the top of your nose is time well spent. 

Your eye doctor can assist you in finding the right frame and lenses for you, depending on your lifestyle and comfort needs. Be sure to contact them today for help in finding the right BluTech Lenses for you. 

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