Boost Your Health by Reducing Blue Light Exposure

Too much blue light can impact the type of sleep you get and the chance of developing a migraine. 

Blue light is a type of light that tells our bodies to stay awake. If we are exposed to too much blue light during the day, our bodies have a hard time developing what is needed to fall asleep at night. 

If you believe you are getting enough sleep at night, but still find yourself tired throughout the day, you should review the amount of blue light that you are exposing yourself to each day.

You have a great amount of control over the amount of blue light you are exposed to each day.

Regulate the amount of blue light you receive. You can control the amount of blue light you are exposed to from screens by wearing blue light blocking lenses each time you use a smartphone, laptop, desktop, television and tablet. 

This is a simple and effective way to regulate your exposure. 

Too much blue light makes it hard to fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night. Be sure that your blue light blocking lenses actually block blue light at 455 nm.

Intentional mornings. A morning routine that does not include using your phone in the first few minutes after waking can have a great impact on your exposure. 

Instead of grabbing for your phone first thing, get out of bed and stretch. 

This simple act can change your dependance on your phone in the first few minutes of your day. 

Rarely do people use their phone for “just a few seconds” especially in the morning. Often, people use their devices for much longer than they realize. Change up your morning routine to protect yourself from the potentially damaging effects of blue light.

Take control of Displays. Many electronic displays also put out blue light.

Anytime you watch television, be sure to put on your blue light blocking lenses. 

Keep in mind that cable boxes, digital DVD displays and even clocks can put off blue light. You are protected from this light if you are wearing your glasses. 

But spending time around these displays, particularly if the displays are in your bedroom, can impact your ability to fall asleep. See if you can switch to a cable box without the LED display. 

Protect your health and your ability to sleep each night with these simple tips to reduce your exposure to blue light. 

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