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Blue Light and Developers

If you are a computer developer, you likely find yourself staring at a computer screen for hours at a time, laboriously coding websites. You may experience eye fatigue, pain in your eyes, blurry vision or have frequent headaches.

While we are all exposed to natural blue light via the sun, the increase in artificial blue light has rapidly increased over the last century. Humans have not evolved to process this type of light efficiently, which is why it can cause eye strain and interruption of the circadian rhythms’ sleep cycle.

You’re probably wondering what you can do to limit your exposure to blue light. You perhaps can’t change your profession because it’s what pays your mortgage and car payment, but what you can do is limit your exposure to harmful blue light.

Here are some helpful tips from ophthalmologists and optometrists:

  • BluTech Lenses – BluTech Lenses are specifically designed with a proprietary formulation of pigments and dyes. They protect your eyes the way nature does. These blue light filtering glasses are the gold standard for blue light protection and offer filtration that is built into the lens, which means it won’t rub off like cheap imitations.
  • Prescription Glasses – It may be that your eyes require an adjustment, albeit it for near- or far-sightedness or slight astigmatism. Visit an eye care professional and see if you need prescription glasses. If you do, opt for Blutech lenses.
  • Monitor – Dump the CRT and get an LCD monitor. A large LCD monitor will give your eyes more surface area to stare at, and you can make fonts larger to help avoid squinting, which can fatigue your eyes.
  • Take a Break – Eyes get tired of not blinking enough and getting dry. Take a 20-second eye break from the screen every 20 minutes. You may also want to start using eye drops, but talk to your eye care professional first to eliminate more serious eye conditions.
  • Turn Down the Brightness – Instead of opting for a bright white monitor, set the display to white text on a black background This dramatically helps reduce the amount of light you are taking in.
  • Make Text Bigger – Don’t be embarrassed to make the text on your screen larger.
  • Night Shift – Some computers offer built-in night shift modes, and there are also several free versions available. These programs shift your blue light on your computer to allow for warmer colors at night. While this doesn’t eliminate blue light, it can help reduce your exposure.



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