Beating Fatigue

Have you ever had a day where you just felt sluggish? 

Everything you do feels heavy and exhausting. 

You think, “If one more person asks me to do something, I might just pass out right here.”

Fatigue is a very common experience. From parents to employees, to anyone working long hours, and those who understand insomnia, many know how debilitating it can feel to be fatigued.

There are many reasons someone could be experiencing extreme tiredness and exhaustion. 

Exposure to blue light 

Exposure to blue light is related to feelings of fatigue. Especially, when you have more exposure to blue light. We highly recommend using blue light blocking lenses to protect your eyes from the blue light emitted from screens and LED lighting. This can help reduce the symptoms of digital eye strain any time of the day and fatigue when wearing them 2-3 hours prior to bedtime. TIP: Not all blue light blocking lenses are designed for LED lighting, which is essential if you need better sleep. 

Many employees and business owners spend a great deal of time working on computer screens. 

Make sure you are taking mindful breaks from looking at the screen. Be sure to get up and move at least once every hour. Always use your blue light blocking lenses when using screens.

Always on the go

Do you often feel like you are moving from one situation to another, without much thought in between? Racing from work, to get home, make dinner, do the laundry, and get ready for bed? It can be hard to take a break and a breather when we always feel rushed. 

Mindfully taking a moment to slow down can make a huge difference in your experience throughout your day. A quick tip is, every time you find yourself getting in a car or about to walk up a flight of stairs, take just 3 seconds. Close your eyes. Take 2 deep breaths and say to yourself, “I am here.” 

That is all you need to remind your brain and body to return to the present moment. This can make all the difference in how you are viewing your day. This (and many other mindfulness techniques) can help reduce your experience of fatigue by reminding you to focus on the here and now, rather than the past or future. 

Fatigue can impact so many of your daily experiences from sleeping to driving and working. 

Protect yourself with these simple and easy techniques. 


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