Back to School Tips

School is back in session. Kids are spending more and more time in places that you can’t always control. 

You work hard to make sure your kids are as safe as they can be. 

You know the importance of safety in the sun. Of eating healthy and balanced meals and teaching about strangers and bullies.

Staying on top of their eye health is important too. 

For those concerned parents, refine your approach with these tips.

Screen Time

Limiting screen time is on everyone’s mind. Two-year-olds are already amazing at convincing parents to hand over a phone. 8-year-olds are a whole other ballgame. Instead of having a fight over the amount of time, set your limits and enforce the time spent on devices. 

Anytime a child is viewing a screen, they should be wearing blue light blocking lenses. The dangerous wavelengths of blue light that are emitted can have immediate and long-term negative consequences for kids. 

Whether using a phone to watch a funny video, a computer in their classroom for research, or sitting on the couch watching tv, your child should be wearing protective lenses. 

Digital Curfew

Melatonin starts to get produced shortly before a child’s bedtime. Using digital screens can directly impact the amount of melatonin that gets produced. The blue light wavelengths emitted from screens blocks melatonin production. 

When a child uses a screen right before bed, their body doesn’t get a chance to produce enough melatonin.

If you have a child that struggles to fall asleep, or to stay asleep once sleeping, they likely are not producing enough melatonin.

To make sure their body is ready for sleep, create a digital curfew for your children and yourself. 

Power down electronics, including the TV, an hour or two before bedtime. This will give everyone enough time to produce the melatonin needed to feel tired and stay asleep throughout the night. 

Help your child to have the most productive day at school possible. When they don’t sleep well, they get tired and their performance at school can really struggle. Keep them safe and happy with these top tips!

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