Back to School Essentials for Kids

With school back in session and a pandemic still going on, sending your children to a busy campus can be daunting. However, with just a few essentials, you can feel more relaxed knowing your child has the tools to keep themselves and those around them safe. 

A Mask and Hand Sanitizer

Two items your child needs to carry with them daily are a face mask and a small bottle of hand sanitizer. A protective, yet breathable face mask will prevent them from spreading germs to others in the classroom while keeping their own body safe from the spread. Remind children to sanitize their hands before and after lunchtime, recess, and interactions with others to keep their hands clean. 

School Supplies 

Gone are the days of teachers providing communal pencils, highlighters, and other supplies that could be freely shared and exchanged. The best way is ensuring your child has a set of their own classroom items. 

Blue Light Protective Glasses

Following a spring semester of online learning, many children may continue to have assignments online throughout the school year.  Some teachers even require the use of digital devices in the classroom. This, plus your child’s exposure to television and devices at home, can lead to a large amount of blue light they are exposed to everyday. 

Blue light can lead to headaches, eye strain, fatigue, and other side effects that make it harder for children and adults alike to concentrate and have a good night’s rest. The best way to protect their eyes from these effects is with a pair of blue-light-blocking specs. BluTech Lenses provide the gold standard of blue light glasses that can help keep your children’s eyes healthy for the extra screen time they may have. 

Create a Back-from-School Routine

Because your home is your haven, keeping it clean and ensuring it continues to be a safe space is important for all family members. When kids return from school, have a disinfecting routine in place that would prevent the spread of any bacteria. Washing their hands, removing clothes/shoes and putting them in the laundry are simple steps they should get in the habit of doing upon their return to keep your home safe and clean.

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