Are Your Migraine Treatments Costing You A Ton?

Migraine disease is incredibly common, with 38 million people suffering in the United States alone. 

Migraine sufferers often miss work due to migraine attacks. This can greatly impact the amount of income earned each year, as well as the reputation and opportunities for advancement with an employer. 

Loss of productivity is another concern for anyone who experiences migraine. For some, migraine is a rare occurrence, for others it can be rather normal and persistent. 

With such a wide range of experiences, there are a variety of options. 

Those who experience migraine spend a great deal of money trying to experience relief. Additional funds are also spent on attempts at prevention of future migraine attacks.

There are a range of treatment services for migraine, including medication, specific food regimens, therapies and heating packs to name a few. 

Annually, $78 billion are spent on migraine medicine in the United States. From over the counter solutions to regular and every day preventative tools, the cost of medication (especially without insurance) is often factored into a monthly budget plan.

For each migraine sufferer, on average two thousand dollars is spent each year on migraine related purchases. This includes the medication used to treat a migraine as it appears, combined with techniques to prevent future migraine attacks. 

Migraine is the second leading cause of global disability, so proper prevention tools can make a huge difference in the experience of migraine.

BluTech Lenses can reduce or eliminate migraine episodes. With the unique blue light blocking technology, migraine sufferers can experience fewer migraine attacks. 

With such increases in time spent indoors and in front of digital displays, it is an essential time to utilize blue light blocking technology. We know the importance of protecting ourselves from the rays of the sun and from exposure to harsh environments. It is just as essential to protect ourselves from potentially harmful blue light. 

An incredible way to manage the cost of migraine treatment is to prevent the migraine in the first place. 

Consistent and regular use of blue light blocking lenses, each time you are exposed to blue light, can make a huge difference in not just the number of migraine episodes you experience, but the amount of money you spend on treating migraine in the future.

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