Alternative Migraine Treatments

If you have experienced migraine or deal with it on a frequent basis, there is great value in determining options that can help. 

With a range of experiences, migraine sufferers have a great deal of potential treatment options.


It is common to utilize over the counter or prescription medication when experiencing a migraine. The exact medication that is ideal for you will need to take into account several factors: frequency of migraine episodes, intensity of symptoms, disruption of normal functioning, type of migraine, comorbid health issues, and reaction to previously utilized treatments.

There are also several other options to consider and experiment with. As any of these may impact your experience of migraine, be sure to consult your doctor prior to making significant health changes.

Food and Diet

There are many migraine sufferers who report that the food that they consume has a great impact on their experience of migraine and associated symptoms. One place to begin is to start a food journal and track what food you eat each day and your instances of migraine. Pay special attention to the top 8 allergens: wheat, peanut, egg, soybean, milk, fish, nuts, and shellfish. 

As reasonable, find alternatives and experiment with removing potential triggers to your migraine. Often food that did not trigger a migraine earlier in life can later impact your experience. So be sure to revisit foods that may not have caused a reaction earlier in life. 

Blue Light Blocking Lenses

Are you utilizing blue light blocking technique throughout your day? Wearing blue light blocking lenses each time you are exposed to the sun directly impacts the amount of UV light that you are exposed to. 

Experiencing pain and sensitivity to light is a common migraine symptom. Additionally, we recommend utilizing BluTech lenses each time you are using a digital device and computer screen. 


Deep breathing and meditation can have a direct impact on blood flow and blood pressure. Additionally, mindfulness can impact the way you experience a migraine. Work on developing daily practice that incorporates deep breathing and time to connect with how your body feels and when it reacts. Sometimes, the thoughts we have can have an immediate impact on the way our body is feeling. 

Tune into your experience each day, and include it with your food journal. Be sure to track when your body is feeling tight, clenched, or in pain. Also note when it feels more relaxed, free, and at peace. Noticing these body sensations can have a direct impact on the way you experience a migraine, often with less intensity.

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