Digital Eye Strain is No Joke

Are you finding yourself on a screen more often? Have your in-person meetings all been changed to online sessions?  You are not alone. People all over are spending greater amounts of time using screens and digital devices. All this extra time spent interacting with screens is enhancing the experience of digital eye strain.  What is Digital Eye Strain? Digital eye strain is a group of vision-related problems that result from heavy use of screens and electronic devices. With prolonged use [...continue reading]

Tips for Comfort While Working from Home

Whether you are new to working from home or you have been doing it for years, your work setup is really important.  To amplify productivity, without hurting yourself, there are a few absolute essentials to know. Ergonomics This is the science of designing and arranging an environment so that people can interact most efficiently and safely.  The position of the body related to the workstation has been shown to greatly impact productivity. If you are uncomfortable in the chair you [...continue reading]

How to Start the Migraine Conversation

Eye care professionals have a great responsibility to their patients.  All the time, you hear of increased screen usage among patients of all ages. From long work hours, to uses of screens in schools and on public transportation, people are being exposed to blue light at a higher degree now than ever before. You want to make sure that your patients have the most comfort available to them. Yet, how can you know for sure if blue light blocking technology [...continue reading]

Help for When Working Hours are Shifted

Many employees have shifted and are working most of their hours (if not all) from home. For some, this is a time of excitement, relaxation, and yoga pants. For others this time is stressful, unorganized, and isolating.  Whether you are feeling free or whether you are feeling constrained, there are simple things you can do around your home to make your work day feel more smooth and productive.  Your Work Space Create a command center for your work space. You [...continue reading]

Supporting Children Learning at Home

With many schools closed for the rest of the academic year, children are spending significantly more time utilizing screens each day. What can a parent do to support their young learner while they are home all day? Posture is important Support your children by providing them a similar seating environment. Place any devices onto a flat surface. Children can sit in a supportive (and comfortable) chair.  The screen should be at eye level and shoulders should not be hunched over. [...continue reading]

Decrease Your Exposure to Blue Light

Sunlight is made up of many different wavelengths of light. When they are all combined, it becomes the white light that we see.  Each wavelength differs in size and amount of energy. Blue light rays have a short wavelength and a good amount of energy.  There are many sources of blue light that we can experience each day, including: Fluorescent light CFL (compact fluorescent light) bulbs LED light Flat screen LED televisions Computer monitors, smart phones, and tablet screens The [...continue reading]

Are Your Migraine Treatments Costing You A Ton?

Migraine disease is incredibly common, with 38 million people suffering in the United States alone.  Migraine sufferers often miss work due to migraine attacks. This can greatly impact the amount of income earned each year, as well as the reputation and opportunities for advancement with an employer.  Loss of productivity is another concern for anyone who experiences migraine. For some, migraine is a rare occurrence, for others it can be rather normal and persistent.  With such a wide range of [...continue reading]

Why do we care so much?

Blue light protection is more than just headlines in the news. It is about taking care of your eyes and your overall health. It is common knowledge that your eyes are directly related to how you experience the world. When things appear fuzzy and blurry, it can lead to headaches and strain.  It is not always common knowledge about how exposed we are to blue light each day. BluTech Lenses were designed to help protect you and your family from [...continue reading]

This is Where is Matters

What is the deal with 455 nm? 455 nm is where it matters the most.  When you are comparing different blue-light-blocking technology, you must make the comparisons at 455 nm.  Digital devices and LED lights emit blue light from about 430 nm to 500 nm.  There is an intense spike at ~ 455 nm. When looking for true protection from potentially harmful blue light, check to see what the lenses are rated for.  BluTech Lenses provide blue-light-blocking where it matters [...continue reading]

The Multiple Uses of BluTech Lenses

BluTech Lenses are used by people who want to protect their eyes from staring at computer screens and their phones.  Here are multiple uses of BluTech Lenses. Migraine BluTech Lenses can help reduce migraine symptoms. With migraine being an incredibly common experience, it is no wonder that people are searching for migraine solutions. When worn proactively, migraine sufferers can experience reduced attacks, relief from headaches and visual eye strain associated with triggering light.  Minimize the stress associated with possible migraine [...continue reading]

Say Goodbye to Bad Sleep and Fatigue

Blue light emitted from the screen can make it harder for our bodies to produce melatonin. Your body uses melatonin to begin to feel tired.  Melatonin also helps you stay asleep throughout the night.  Without enough melatonin, you can experience frequent waking during the night. This goes for kids too.  When you don’t sleep well, you get more tired throughout your day which can impact your performance at home and at work. Your kids can experience impacts during the school [...continue reading]

Setting Up for Sleep Success

When you need sleep, what are the best tips from the experts? In order to have amazing sleep each night, there are a bunch of things you can do to set yourself up for success. You don’t need to spend a lot of money or time in order to see a huge change in your sleep pattern. With simple steps, you can be on your way to healthier sleep in no time. The room The room that you sleep in [...continue reading]


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