Frequently Asked Questions


What are BluTech Lenses?

BluTech Lenses are a revolutionary solution for the lifelong preservation of eye health and prevention of macular degeneration.

Ideal for both indoor and outdoor environments, BluTech Lenses are the ultimate in protective eyewear and visual performance. Developed with the perfect amount of ocular lens pigment and melanin they emulate your eyes natural defenses. BluTech Lenses are crafted from durable material and offer you complete protection from UV rays and harmful, high-energy blue light.

Benefits of BluTech Lenses

-       UV ray and high-energy blue light protection

-       Natural depth and color perception

-       Improves visual acuity and night vision

-       Improves contrast and reduces glare

-       High Impact resistant


Why do I need BluTech Lenses?

With the upsurge in electronic devices, your eyes are exposed to increasing levels of harmful light spectrums. BluTech Lenses protect your eyes from the dangers of high levels of UV rays and harmful, high-energy blue light for a lifetime of vision preservation.


Who should wear BluTech Lenses?

Everyone interested in preserving lifelong healthy vision should wear BluTech Lenses and those who are at high-risk of macular degeneration will especially benefit from wearing BluTech Lenses.


Where can I buy Blutech Lenses?

Your eye doctor can place BluTech Lenses into any style frame. Simply make an appointment and request BluTech Lenses.


Do I need a prescription for BluTech Lenses?

No. You do not need a prescription for BluTech Lenses. Your eye doctor can fill your favorite frames with prescription or non-prescription BluTech Lenses, making them an ideal fit for those with contacts or anyone interested in lifelong eye health.


What are the dangers of blue light?

Blue light causes the gradual oxidation and deterioration of the macula over your lifetime, leaving our eyes exposed and susceptible to developing macular degeneration. BluTech Lenses provide a protective barrier by directly infusing the perfect amount of ocular lens pigment and melanin into the lenses.  This patented technology allows for optimal protection without altering or distorting color perception.


What are the sources of blue light?

You encounter blue light in everyday activities. Fluorescent lighting, electronic screens (phones, tablets, computers, TVs, etc.), and the sun emit damaging high-energy blue light.


What is macular degeneration?

Macular degeneration is the progressive deterioration of the macula and is the leading cause of visual impairment. Hastened by blue light exposure, macular degeneration deteriorates healthy cells within the macula, affecting your central frame of vision. This loss of vision affects reading, writing, driving, color perception, and other cognitive functions. Serious complications can lead to blindness.


Who is at risk?

Those with light-colored hair, eyes, and skin as well as people over the age of fifty are at high risk due to insufficient amounts of protective pigments in the eye.  People who have undergone cataract removal surgery are also at high risk.